Lay It Down: second edition

Just lettin y’all know that the second edition of Lay It Down is now available for purchase, either in paperback or Kindle, and if you haven’t already I’d be honored if you gave it a shot—because obviously I still think it’s worth your time. And for that matter, I’ve dropped the respective prices for each version, so now’s a better time than ever to pick this up.

For those of you who already own the first edition: You don’t have to buy a fresh copy (although I certainly won’t complain if you do :)). Just pass it on. Basically, this is a “tighter,” slightly less self-indulgent version of the original (although there’s plenty of personal and applicational stuff to go around).

For the unread and curious among you—first, a quick overview of the contents:

• 40 devotionals to be read over an 8-week period (i.e., 5/week) . . .
• 8 small-group sessions . . .
• and a self-guided retreat, designed to work for both individuals and small groups.

But don’t just take my word for it:

Lay It Down really is excellent and very spiritually challenging. I especially appreciated the intensity of the focus on Jesus and I love the use of such passages as those in Revelation which describe first the crowns that we are given and then the casting down of all those crowns and everything else as well at the feet of Jesus. Such passages remind me of my favorite spiritual mentor, Jonathan Edwards.

—Dr. Samuel Logan
former International Director, World Reformed Fellowship

A lot of people seem to think that Christian living is about trying really hard to be good. Carl Simmons thinks otherwise. . . . Christian living is more about laying down our lives and becoming the kind of people who want to do good, rather than people who want to do bad but try really hard to do good. Jesus promised that his yoke would be easy. Easy. There is a word we don’t use in church too often. If Christian living has become a burden to you, I’d recommend you read Lay It Down.

—Josh Hunt
author, Disciple-Making Teachers and Make Your Group Grow

I love the idea that laying down our lives for Christ’s sake is not just an idea—it’s our calling! This is a wonderful resource reminding us to avoid the “10 easy ways” syndrome and just give our lives fully to God so that His will can be done. It took me years to learn some of the principles in this book.

—David Gallagher
author, Aging Successfully

Anyone who has walked with the Lord for any amount of time would recognize that you . . . have been through some serious trials of your own. Your scripture reference/support is as good as any I’ve seen. And your transparency as a Christian human is endearing, easy to relate to. You look in the mirror, which is only doable to the extent that you present because of your faith. You know Jesus has you. And you ask your reader to join you. It’s uncomfortable, but truly at the core of our struggles.

You can blame the church. You can blame politicians. You can blame your spouse. But in the end . . . our distance from God is hampered by ourselves. . . . Again, it’s uncomfortable. But for me personally, it was a much-needed truth to hear and a good time to look in the mirror and recognize my own false gods. You accelerated my learning and I praise God for it. I highly recommend Lay It Down.

—Michael Byrne
Owner, ClickthruVT

And if you need more convincing/information, you can always go here. Thanks again, and spread the word.

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  1. Marti Poll says:

    Thanks for letting us know. I’m fairly certain you’ve sold a book.

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