The Infidel

The Nazis, the occult, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer . . . historical fiction at some of its most compelling. . . .

The Infidel: A Novel  -     By: John Scott Gruner

John Scott Gruner. The Infidel. 400p., $16.99, Deep River Books.

The Infidel is a supernatural historical thriller set inside Nazi Germany. Not a doctrinaire Nazi, SS Lieutenant Ernst Teschler discovers Himmler’s SS occult activities, then co-opts their European bank channels to impede the coming Holocaust. His mission is derailed when he discovers that his childhood mentor, Dr. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is a spy set against Hitler. The Infidel explores the historical SS occult conspiracy against the Jews and the church. The story underscores the courageous impact of the few who dared to take a stand against the Nazi regime.

The Infidel is fiction based upon facts that have been thoroughly researched by John Scott Gruner. The novel exposes the dark supernatural intrigue inside of the SS Corps. For more than two decades, Gruner’s historical research into World War II, Himmler’s SS operations, the German Church, and the plight of the Jews in the Holocaust has taken him to New York, Europe, and Jerusalem to interview Holocaust survivors and historians.

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  1. Neel Kamal says:

    Very good article friend, I can’t imagine but this really existed in the world….. Yesterday I also have read a blog regarding the real experience of holocaust happened in Germany during the reign of Hitler. You will be surprised to read, if anybody wants can visit…

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