Heart’s Cry

A daily devotional to refocus your walk. . . .

Cherise Wiltshire: Heart’s Cry: A Daily Journey with Jesus. 124p., $14.99, Deep River Books.

It is easy to be so caught up in the trappings of church, our calling, and the dos and the don’ts, that we are at risk of completely missing the boat. Christianity is essentially about getting to know the person of Jesus Christ—His work, His character, His heart, and so much more.

Heart’s Cry is a 40-day daily devotional journey to elevate your life to a new level with God, where we no longer see Him as a far-off entity but one “who sticks closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24). Let it transform your life, so you no longer compromise His holy calling but instead are so consumed with the reality of His holiness that your lifestyle reflects it as well.

Walk along the path of His love where He longs to lavish you in His loving embrace— where fears, doubts, and worries simply melt away. Climb up the mountain of faith and stand at the top and enjoy the view with the One who will make all your cares as small as the scenery in the distance. Come aboard the flight with your Heavenly Pilot and soar to the heavenly places in your royal seat with Him.

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