Church Revitalization

If your church isn’t in need of this yet, it will be. . . .

Russell N. Small. Church Revitalization:A Pastoral Guide to Church Renewal. 240p., $23.99, Kregel Ministry.

There are more churches needing revitalization than there are leaders skilled for the work. Church Revitalization guides current and future leaders through the often-complex process of bringing a church to a place of vibrancy. This book demonstrates how the overarching goal of seeing people come to faith in Christ and develop into Christlikeness can and must inform the most foundational to the most fleeting aspects of revitalizing a struggling church.

Church revitalization strategist Rusty Small systematically walks readers through the many considerations of leading a church out of a decline. He helps identify the best approach for addressing what a particular church’s revitalization need may be:

  • Refresh—often most fitting after a difficult season in the church’s life
  • Renovate— needed when a decline has lasted five to ten years
  • Restore—appropriate for churches with generational patterns focused on survival
  • Replant—best for a church facing imminent closure

Few joys compare to seeing God’s life and power realized for the local church when believers begin to think and serve as Jesus did. Small will encourage pastors and church leaders engaged in this critical task.

If God is calling you to church revitalization, take and read!


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1 Response to Church Revitalization

  1. Love people like crazy! Remember, God-honoring revitalization happens one life, one family at a time. Enlist a prayer team that focuses intentionally on revitalization.

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