The Way He Loves

It is what it says it is 😉 . . .

Preston Rentz. The Way He Loves: 21 Stories of God’s Healing Love to a Hurting World. 192p., $15.99, Deep River Books.

It can be hard to understand what it means for God to be loving–even leaders, teachers, and pastors can better learn how to see and teach about God from a perspective of love. The Way He Loves is an essential key to discovering the various ways in which our God shows his healing compassion for a hurting world. Throughout The Way He Loves, Preston Rentz provides meaningful anecdotes and earnest contemplations of grace, humility, leadership, wealth, and more. He looks beyond one-dimensional ideas about God’s love to instead explore its extraordinary beauty and complexity.

If you struggle with hopelessness, depression, or church-fatigue—if you have trouble seeing God as loving at his core, or if you wonder how a loving Creator could possibly be guiding this deeply flawed world of ours—this book is meant for you. The Way He Loves will introduce you to the God who is attentive to every need and who desires to be near to those who seek him. You’ll learn how nothing can ever replace our profound need for spending personal time with our Creator, and how God’s faithful and ever-present warmth can guide you through life’s many challenges, delivering you from an existence of confusion and disappointment.

Rather than going through this world alone, not truly knowing what God offers or what he expects from you, The Way He Loves shows how you can learn to seek his loving heart and discover what true living really is. The more you embrace God’s unending love, the better your life will beand the more you will see that the entire Christian faith is first and foremost a story of remarkable love.


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