The Psalms: Jesus’ Prayer Book

A very readable and illuminating commentary on the Psalms. . . .

Douglas D. Webster. The Psalms: Jesus’ Prayer Book. 4 vols., 1144p., $89.99, Kregel Academic.

The Old Testament Psalter testifies both to the universal human condition and the redemption wrought for believers in the person and work of Christ. In The Psalms: Jesus’s Prayer Book, longtime pastor and seminary professor Doug Webster distills ancient and modern scholarship on the Psalms into theological, canonical, apostolic, linguistic, and pastoral edification to students of Psalter. By focusing on both the most consequential and the less developed aspects of Psalm studies, Webster shows how living a Christ-centered life goes hand in hand with digesting the Psalms as a complete collection prefiguring Christ.

The volumes of The Psalms follow the internal divisions Psalms presents:

  • Volume 1 (Book I of the Psalms)
  • Volume 2 (Book II)
  • Volume 3 (Book III–IV)
  • Volume 4 (Book V)

Designed with preachers and teachers in mind, The Psalms strikes a middle ground between a technical commentary and a book of sermons. Webster offers pastoral insight in both interpretation and application of the Psalms for worship, unveiling purpose and significance for worship, devotion, and reflection.


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