Lead Different

Learning to lead biblically. . . .

Lead Different: Insight, Clarity, and Encouragement for Engaging the Heart of Servant Leadership  -     By: Bruce Ratzlaff, Verna Ratzlaff

Bruce and Verna Ratzlaff. Lead Different: Insight, Clarity, and Encouragement for Engaging the Heart of Servant Leadership. 160p., $14.99, Deep River Books.

In Matthew 20:26 (NLT), Jesus said, “among you [leading] will be different.” How so? Different than what? Different in what ways?

Bruce and Verna Ratzlaff provide a framework of biblical servant leadership by contrasting it with what it is not.

In Lead Different, the Ratzlaffs provides readers with unusual clarity, new self-awareness, and encouragement for engaging the heart of servant leadership. Unusual clarity results as components of biblically sound Christian servant leadership are compared and contrasted to their opposites. Understanding what is and is not servant leadership enhances self-awareness, as leaders are encouraged to consider their own tendencies. A thorough exploration of the characteristics of biblical leaders offers hope and encouragement as readers gain inspiration through real-life examples of how leaders learned to course correct and become more wholeheartedly servant leaders.

Bruce and Verna Ratzlaff assert that the kingdom mission we are called to pursue is often delayed or destroyed by ineffective leadership, though well-intentioned. Their call for genuine servant leadership is the antidote.

This book is practical to the core, but piercingly direct in speaking to the foundation of leadership, our heart. When readers truly engage their hearts, their leadership becomes not just different, but more impactful for the kingdom.

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