Heaven’s Ambassadors in the Making

Heaven's Ambassadors in the Making: Becoming the Person You Were Created to Be

Greg Allenby, Benjamin Graham, and Timothy Wambura. Heaven’s Ambassadors in the Making: Becoming the Person You Were Created to Be. 144p., $15.99, Deep River Books.

The parable of the Prodigal Son speaks of the wayward son coming to his right mind while working among the pigs. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a right mind to come to because they have not had godly people in their lives to teach them what is right. Words like faith, hope, and love often don’t have much meaning to people unless someone has provided them with examples.

Ambassadors in the Making provides examples of what it means to follow Christ’s commandments to serve, trust, and be generous. These examples allow people to reclaim the holy existence God has already given them.

This book tells the stories of two ministries on opposite sides of the world that both transformed lives of individuals who were once spiritually lost. The transition houses, orphanages, schools, and hospitals in the ministries are considered embassies of heaven, outposts in a foreign land, staffed by ambassadors for Christ.

Readers will be inspired to become ambassadors who partner with the Holy Spirit to enable the hurting souls around them to become all that they were created to be.

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