So, not quite as long time no see, but still…. I’ve been thinking a lot about what to keep, what to toss, and what to rehash. 🙂 And here’s where I’ve landed, on all my social-media fronts:

  • First: I don’t need three Facebook pages (and due to recent updates, FB’s kind of herding me into one place anyway).
    • Sadly, From Disciples to Disciplers has had its run (although it’s still available via Amazon/CreateSpace).
    • The other two are where it gets more interesting. Lay It Down got to the table with a couple of publishers (and was this close with one of them), and I know plenty of people who’ve gotten a lot out of it. Thus, I’d like to revisit it, and without some of the trappings that inspired it, so that’s it’s more “timeless,” as it were.
    • And then there’s the much larger site, Small Group Ministry — which was created, then fell into disuse nearly eight years ago, due to said trappings. Still, I’m the “owner” and there’s nearly 1,000 members, so why not leverage that and introduce a brand-new audience to Lay It Down (among other things—see below)?
    • Thus, I’ve started herding my From Disciples to Disciplers and Lay It Down followers over to Small Group Ministry — which likely will be renamed Lay It Down at the appropriate time. You can go there, too.
  • Next: My own “journey into trust” has me still working with a bunch of different Christian publishers and organizations — so, while it hasn’t been “a steady job” for years now, it’s been a constant one. And it IS what God called me out here to do, more than 13 years ago now, as harrowing as that’s gotten at times.
    • And lately, God has been encouraging me to treat my myriad editing/writing gigs more like the ministry it is.
    • Thus, another facet of this reboot will be to spend more time giving shout-outs to all the authors/projects I’m working with/on. I’ve done that in the past here with reviews of select projects. Going forward, they’ll usually be more like quick blurbs, but far more frequent. This way, everyone gets their day in the sun, whether they’re established names or first-time authors. Because (see again bullet point one), everyone deserves that.
  • Finally (and frankly): Given the amount of material that’ll produce, that gives me a year-plus to see what I’ve got left in my own writing tank. At that point, either we’ll be starting on a brand-new adventure or I’ll (hopefully) feel like I can . . . well, lay it down, without any feeling of regret.

So that’s what I’ve got. Stay tuned, and enjoy the ride.

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See the About Me page, if you want to know more about ME. Otherwise, hopefully you'll know more about Jesus and some of his followers by reading here. And thanks for stopping by.
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