Bible-in-Life Curriculum

Let’s ease our new audience in, with a somewhat small-group friendly curriculum (at least at the level I write for). . . .

Bible in LifeBible-in-Life. Student book $5.99; teacher guide $10.99. David C. Cook.

Bible-in-Life is a multigenerational bible study, from toddler through adult. Quarters are built around a given theme (as in the upcoming quarter shown here, Our Love for God). Everyone, kids and adults alike, learn the same lessons, and hopefully discuss them after church. Good discussion questions, and a welcome amount of biblical content.

I’ve been writing Bible commentaries/questions for the adult lessons (and on occasion, pieces for the weekly companion newsletter for the past five years, and it’s always been a good theological exercise. I always learn something as I create these, and I bet you will, too.


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