Let’s keep this one short but personal….

I haven’t talked about this at length on this blog, but as many of you know (or at least have deduced), I’ve been the better part of unemployed for more than three years now. Between freelance gigs, unemployment (then, federal unemployment — which, as you probably know, expired for 1.7 million of us [and growing] a couple months back), and temporary gigs we’ve been able to hang on, but the plane could see the ground/side of the mountain/[insert metaphor of choice here] looming close.

That changed last night.

After four months of interviews/talks/what have you — not to mention the 500+ resumes and dozens of interviews before that — the job offer finally arrived. And, needless to say, I accepted it. 🙂

Thus, starting probably sometime next week (pending background check and myriad other paperwork/”onboarding”), I’ll be serving as Coordinator and Editor for The Christian Character Project, a K-12 curriculum being created for charter and Christian schools. This next year oughta be more than a little chaotic, but I’ve done chaotic — in fact, I’m pretty sure I created the roadmap for it (don’t tell anyone; it makes me look better if we keep it a secret). Another start-up project, and obviously this one has a payoff close to my heart.


By the way, if any of you are Christian-curriculum writers, I could probably use your services going forward. (And for what it’s worth and from what I already know: The curriculum is very question/inquiry-based, with a decent amount of Scripture/commentary in addition.) Lemme know.

In the meantime: Onward….

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4 Responses to FINALLY.

  1. Tim Musslewhite says:

    Congratulations, Carl. I’m thrilled for you.
    Tim M.

    • Thanks, Tim. I’m inwardly thrilled for me too, and currently just kinda exhausted. 🙂 And doesn’t look like it’s gonna change anytime soon — now they’re talking about flying me out to Milwaukee next week….

  2. Brent Bromstrup says:

    Yours is simply the most wonderful news I’ve heard in a very long time. Over the top congratulations, Carl!

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