You No Longer Have ANY Excuses :)

(aka, carlsimmonslive is now also Carl Simmons FREE….)

I know, I know, I’ve been talking a lot about my books lately. Well, I’m not done just yet.

Those of you who, like me, are avid music fans have probably discovered NoiseTrade by now, where musicians (especially of the alt-acoustic and/or alt-Christian variety) offer their albums as free downloads, although one can also leave a tip and/or pay the proper price if they so choose. The music gets a chance to be heard, the artist gets (somewhat) paid, the “buyer” gets to learn about new music with minimum financial risk, everybody wins.

Well, now they’re branching into books—and for once in my life I’m an early adapter by choice. Click HERE and discover for yourself. (FWIW, there’s also books by John Piper, Matt Chandler and Dave Ramsey, and there’s only two pages of nonfiction books so far. See, I really am an early adapter this time.)

What you’ll find are the four out of seven books I’ve written (and specifically, the ones I currently own the rights to): Lay It Down (which is still awaiting news from elsewhere, so get it while you can), and the recently “out of print” Seasons 4-6 of the From Disciples to Disciplers series (Growing Others, Growing in Leadership, and Growing in Your Mission). And again, they’re yours for FREE, if you like (although a tip would be cool, too).

createspace coverSeason 4 coverSeason 5 coverOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you’re ever had an interest in my writing… and the fact that you’re here kinda suggests that… this is your big chance. You no longer have any excuse to at least not try each of them. And I’m willing to bet you’ll get something out of them when you do. After all, that’s why I’m still pushing them. You’ve got five years of my creative life/God-wrasslin’ in writing, and I refuse to believe it’s all for nothing.

So there it is. Now, GO FETCH. 🙂

And then spread the word. ‘Cause other people like good cheap stuff, too, you know.

And thanks.

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