Rx for Grief

A counselor talks about her own repeated experiences with grief—and what comes after. . . .

Jane Amelia Smith. Rx for Grief: Hope through God’s Truth. $15.99, Deep River Books.

Jane Amelia Smith’s third published book gives us a look at who she is and how she responded to the deaths of the four people dearest to her.

While she is no stranger to death on a professional level, Jane experienced an all-consuming grief following the deaths of her own dear loved ones. In response, Jane began a search for truth. Eventually, she turned to reading the Holy Bible, as well as books pertaining to quantum physics and NDEs (near-death experiences). This reading confirmed her long-standing belief that theology and science affirm one another. She emerged from her search with a new appreciation for God’s awesome wonder, as evidenced through every aspect of His creation, from the earthly home He prepared for us to the microscopic particles we are made from as identified through quantum physics. God has a plan for both our living and our dying. Her research became an adventure of a lifetime—an adventure she would like to share with all other terminally mortal beings.

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