The SABERS Cycle

A Bible study on learning to listen to God—especially leaders . . .

SABERS Cycle book cover image

The SABERS Cycle: A Cutting-Edge Study on Responding to God introduces new insights on responses to God that increase cutting-edge sharpness and purposeful stability in the waves of adversity that confront all Christian leaders seeking to impact our world.

Responding to God instead of reacting to circumstances develops through practiced faith. The SABERS cycle Seeks, Acknowledges, Believes, Expects, Receives, and Surrenders to God’s love. Each life-changing response cuts to the “state of the heart” and points to a purposeful life in Christ. SABERS highlights heart-responses to Biblical principles and encourages turning to (Is. 45:22), praising (Heb. 13:15), and trusting God. (Jer. 17:7).

Scripture reveals the heart of relationship with God and guides through six cutting-edge responses.

  • Encouragement ensues as we Seek God’s Presence during difficult times.
  • Inspiration illuminates as we Acknowledge God’s Sovereignty in the unknown.
  • Renewal rejuvenates as we Believe God’s Character instead of doubts.
  • Assurance abounds as we Expect God’s Faithfulness to replace fear.
  • Motivation multiplies as we Receive God’s Grace instead of frustration.
  • Victory overcomes as we Surrender to God’s Love, the place of freedom.

Hope, joy, peace, and purpose reignite through responding to God.

A 9-week stand-alone study for groups, couples or individuals with over 500 scripture passages, application questions and leadership challenges, The SABERS Cycle establishes a Biblical foundation that transforms leaders.

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