Sacred Strands

Turning mythology on its ear . . . .

Lois Clymer. Sacred Strands: The Story of a Redeemer Woven through History. 144p., $14.99, Deep River Books.

Christianity did not begin in Bethlehem. Likewise, the promise of a Redeemer was not written only in the book of Genesis but also in the early constellations and ancient myths, among artifacts and early worship practices. Christianity was not borrowed from these myths and mysteries; rather, they contained an imperfect knowledge of a perfect Redeemer from the earliest ages.

In her new book Sacred Strands: The Story of a Redeemer Woven through History, Lois Clymer explores these connections between mythology and faith, giving readers a deeper understanding of both history and mythology—and more importantly, a deeper understanding of their own faith. Sacred Strands examines the beliefs of early civilizations from Sumer and Akkad, to Greek and Roman mythology, to Norse and Aztec myths, and shows how they all these “sacred strands” tie into Jesus.

In the process, Clymer flips the script on today’s secular narrative: Christianity did not borrow from these ancient myths, many of which the early Christians could not have possibly had knowledge of. Rather, these myths and mysteries all pointed to the sacred promise that would be fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

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