Lay It Down: A Journey into Trust

Moving on, and in more ways than I can count…. That said, hopefully you’ve been reading the last several entries and beginning to think: “This sounds great. I could really use someone to walk me through all this stuff, though. After all, like you said, we’re not supposed to do this alone.”

Boy, have I got a book for you. Certainly not as good as a coach, but a whole lot cheaper and easier to work into your schedule in the meantime.

createspace cover

So, is Lay It Down the graduate course for From Disciples to Disciplers, the speed-metal version of it, a desperate cry for help, or none of the above? Well, yes. 🙂 But seriously: What it really is, when all is said and done, is a reiteration of all the “a-ha”s God’s had me stumble across for a quarter-century-plus, thus fueling my need to write that series in the first place.

More directly: The whole purpose for writing this book is to walk alongside you in this journey into trusting God deeper and deeper. I know I haven’t gotten it all right, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t either. There are still plenty of things I need to lay down—and trust me, God’s working on them, hard. Put another way: I need to go through this book again as much as you might for a first time. The jerk who’s writing this blog once again needs to spend some time with the jerk who wrote this book, to try to remember who he really is in Christ, because it’s not me nearly as often as I’d like it to be. And maybe you feel the same.

Still and again, there are also things that God’s already shown me on this journey that are worth passing along. Even as I re-read them, I think “Who is this guy?” Because again, it’s not me nearly as often as I’d like it to be. And yet, I sense it’s who God’s called me to be, and continues to call me on to be.

In short, I know what all this is worth—because I know how much it’s cost. And at this point, it’s all I have to give. So here you/we go….

For the next year of Wednesdays I’ll be reposting all of this, piece by refined piece. Most of it’s already back in the archives in some form, but let’s give it one more shot in its proper scope and sequence (which can be found as you scroll down here, by the way.)

But you don’t need to wait in order to see it all. You can most certainly buy it here (and/or via Amazon)—or at least check it out for free here—and I’d be honored if you did.

So let’s see where the journey takes all of us from here….

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