Lay It Down: The Book — It’s ALIVE!

You can get the full information here, but for now, here’s the back story:

createspace coverAfter close-but-no-cigar rounds with a couple publishers I respect (and that you’d recognize) – and a few more just plain frustrating rounds with agents – I’ve decided (for now) to take the self-publish route with my latest book, the “interactive devotional” Lay It Down: A Journey into Trust.

I’ve shot out e-mails/PMs to all the influencers I know to get this rolling. However, many of you receiving/reading this are influencers I don’t know (but I appreciate your subscriptions/visits). Therefore, here’s what I’d ask of you:

1) Either buy the paperback or download it (hit the respective link of your choice). Or, for you Kindle Prime members who are more gun-shy, you can borrow it for FREE, here.

2)  Then: Read it. Afterward, give me your feedback and/or a blurb I can use promotionally in the future.

3)  Finally: Spread the word. Like the Lay It Down Facebook page here — then Share it. Post a review on yr blog, Amazon, etc. Use Kindle Share and pass it on to a friend. Many of you know the drill, and how hard it is to get the ball rolling. Therefore, and again, I’m asking for your help.

No matter how you got here or why you’re reading this now, thank you in advance for your support. More details as warranted.

— Carl

About carlsimmonslive

See the About Me page, if you want to know more about ME. Otherwise, hopefully you'll know more about Jesus and some of his followers by reading here. And thanks for stopping by.
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2 Responses to Lay It Down: The Book — It’s ALIVE!

  1. dwightsmovies says:

    Thanks Carl, looking forward to reading it. I like your writing It was an excerpt from your Bible study that got me to subscribe to your blog.

    BTW, are you going to release it on Apple iBooks ?


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