The Power of Surrender

This is still kind of rough shards of thought, but bear with me; I think I’m onto something here… plus, it ties in to my other random devotional pieces as of late…

Everything God gives us is done with the goal—His goal—that it be spent for His glory. The thing is, maybe especially as Americans, we tend to think of giving only in terms of money. And to be sure, our money can represent a number of things lurking behind it. But what about the gifts, spiritual or material, that He’s given us?

And moreso, what about the authority—or, more rawly put, power—He’s entrusted us with, whether that’s in our marriages, our families, our work, our church? Are we as willing to give that away for the sake of those who don’t have it?

Power, like money, is something to be given away to those who need it, rather than hoarded. We serve an all-powerful Lamb who was willingly slain for us, and we must be willing to follow.

Chris Heuertz, in his remarkable book Simple Spirituality, described the measure of our love this way, “It’s not what you give—but what you keep.” Conversely, what we insist upon keeping reveals where we’re still lacking in love.

What we release, lives; what we hang onto dies with us. Thank God for what He’s given you; and ask God to open your hands, and to release what you’re holding onto.

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