One Small Step for Man… but a step, nonetheless

We have a new member on the blogroll… and in turn, they have a new contributor.

David Showers, whose book Ten Steps to a Closer Walk With God I reviewed recently, has just relaunched his online magazine Extant. And as part of that relaunch, starting immediately yours truly will be a regular columnist there. (My column is called The D-Word — I expect by now you know what that word is. :)) Longtime and/or incredibly faithful readers may recognize the material there (although my initial entry there was from scratch); the rest of you get another shot at some good reading.

And you’ll find plenty more good stuff there—videos; news; articles on spiritual growth and parenting; blogs; book, movie, music and technology reviews. It’s a work in progress, but you (and I) will get to see it progress from the ground up.

So go check it out, stand up and be counted, and we’ll talk again soon.

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