Small Groups, Big Questions

Small-groups megachurch pastor. Author. Encourager. Bill Mallonee fan. He’s all this and more.

This week’s Other Voice shifts back to our blogroll, and to be honest I’m not sure why I haven’t called him out sooner.

My Buddy Rob Bentz® is pastor of small groups  for Woodmen Valley Chapel, which at last glance was the largest church in Colorado Springs not called New Life. 🙂 We first met a couple years back, as we were preparing to revamp the already-long-dormant-but-still-rife-with-content (it’s a long, sad story).  For the less than year it was permitted to finally flourish, Rob served as one of our two bloggers.

And lemme tell you, the boy was a quick study. The proof of this lies in the fact that (who used a bunch of’s material to get their own site started — with our blessing, mind you) picked him up after our untimely demise. You can find him elsewhere as well.

And in the months immediately following The Great Purge, Rob was also quite the encourager, to the point of sending useful job listings from the myriad Christian organizations in the Springs (none of which, unfortunately, panned out). You’ll find that kind of encouragement on Rob’s blog as well, Created for Community. You’ll also find good ideas for small groups, as well as a willingness to deal with the harder questions (his Monday entry is one such post).

Enjoy, and we’ll meet up again tomorrow.

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