I Get by… Other Voices, Part 1

This first entry of Other Voices (explained here) is simple:

Take a look to your lower right. Scroll down a little. See all those people? They represent friends and influences, of all kinds.

We’ve got men’s ministries, women’s ministries, small-group ministries, spiritual-formation people, worship leaders, Reformed writers, Baptist writers,  Alliance peeps, people working with the poorest of the poor, others ministering to other margins of society (including the GLBT community). We even have a lapsed-Christian music writer who nonetheless still loves him some music from “the Christian ghetto,” among lots of other good stuff.

In short, if you put all these people into a room you’d probably have some pretty interesting discussions. Some of those discussions might not even be friendly . But guess what? What we have, here in this virtual room, would nonetheless fit into the definition of the Body of Christ. And we’ve got lots of different parts here.

So, as we remember the time our Saviour’s physical body was broken then resurrected, we could do a lot of worse than to spend some time reconciling Christ’s Body online as well.

So have fun poking around. Be affirmed. Be challenged. And of course, be here tomorrow. 🙂

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See the About Me page, if you want to know more about ME. Otherwise, hopefully you'll know more about Jesus and some of his followers by reading here. And thanks for stopping by.
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