35 Realities

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35 Realities: 35 Realities God provides Every Believer in the GIFT of Eternal Life by [Bill Stewart, Phil Largent]

Phil Largent and Bill Stewart. 35 Realities: Thirty-Five Realities God Provides Every Believer in the GIFT of Eternal Life. 186p., $3.99 (Kindle), IMD International.

We are living in a day of the uprooting of the faith. So many, it would seem, in the churches have very shallow and very few roots as believers. Some churches and believers have fake or false roots—attraction, emotionalism, tickling-of-the-ear teaching, Sunday rallies equal spiritual growth, etc. Believers know little of Jesus Christ beyond Sunday school stories. Their knowledge of the Christ-life seems little more than Christian platitudes—statements used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.

The pressures of society are pushing in against the body of Christ, hindering its witness and its disciple-making purposes. So many in the Lord are caving into this outside pressure. They cannot stand up firmly because they lack roots in Christ.

The Word of God puts forth all we need in Christ to stand firm—above all, to stand in Christ The gift of eternal life in Christ comes with at least 35 realities—meaning the state of things as they actually exist. These 35 realities need to be known, firmly grasped, and applied in our Christ-life. These 35 realities act as deep, strong roots, enabling each believer in Christ to hold to Christ in these latter days. We can also see them as steel rods (rebar) that run through the concrete foundation of Christ. These 35 realities are a great stabilizing force in the lives of believers. When we know and trust these 35 realities, we will not be shaken or uprooted in our Christ-life.

(BTW, IMD International is in the process of uploading all its past training manualsmost of which I’ve worked onso keep an eye out and go fetch.)

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