Searching for God in Christianity

Moving past theology and into the heart of God. . . .

Sean A. Nolan. Searching for God in Christianity. 320p., $16.99, Deep River Books.

This book helps Christian and secular culture alike understand the true heart and message of both Jesus Christ and His followers. It seeks a ‘reformation’ within our culture of what Christianity actually is. Namely that Jesus’ message is one of love and not division, the Church an institution that protects and does not harm, the Gospel is a truth that is essential to daily life and spirituality, not irrelevant.

Using Augustinian and Barthian theology this book presents the truth that just like you and I are composed of flesh and blood, God is literally composed of love. This eternal nature of love is revealed in the name Jesus Christ and this self-revelation of God is the message, mandate, and mission of the Church.

In the quest to give an antidote to the identity crises plaguing modern Western Christianity, this book illuminates afresh and anew the classic Gospel message. Searching for God in Christianity translates theology into English, into the everyday, and in the process brings clarity and confidence to people’s journey with God.

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