The Circle of Seven

A book for the wounded healers among us. . . . especially those who have been wounded while trying to bring healing. . . .

Rev. Mark William Ennis. The Circle of Seven: When His Servants Are Weak. 160p., $13.99, Deep River Books.

When a traumatized minister has nothing left to give and is on the brink of despair, how can he find the strength to go on? Who is going to minister to his wounded and broken spirit?

Along the path to hope and healing, Reverend William de Plore learns that true ministry is universally challenging, pastoral care is intense, and no one is immune to human limitations. Can restoration be found in a circle of seven ministers?

The Circle of Seven: When His Servants Are Weak is for ministers who have been wounded by the giving of intense pastoral care. It is also for Christians who care for ministers and wish to help and support them. . . . The stories presented here are real. They are not clean and pretty, but they are filled with faithful people in difficult circumstances finding their wounds healed by God’s grace. While specific details have been necessarily fictionalized, the reality of the traumatizing wounding and the restorative healing is entirely factual and based upon actual events.

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