The Great Escape

Need a study on healing and deliverance—especially for someone who’s literally imprisoned? Look no further. . . .

Kathleen Ann Marchant. The Great Escape: Redeemed for Life. 336p., $14.99, Deep River Books.

In this thoughtful Bible study guide, find ways you can experience healing and be released from the shackles of sin, addiction, abuse, and life circumstances. . . . This 8-week Bible study follows a faith progression, starting with an introduction of the Trinity. Readers travel gently through the basics of Christianity, going a little deeper each week. Each lesson starts with a prayer and offers challenges to aid the reader in repair of brokenness, idleness, and destructive behaviors.

The Great Escape: Redeemed for Life Bible study guide provides encouraging inspiration and insight into what life can be like after the release of chains. In a society riddled with distractions—sin, abuse, addictions, being prisoners in our circumstances and even our own minds—this study offers the reader freedom. Readers will learn of the hope available by truly surrendering their hearts to Jesus. Over the course of the study, the reader progresses to a place of not only survival, but purpose and joy. The study wraps up with an entire week devoted to support for life after the study, providing the reader with tools to incorporate what they have learned into everyday life.  Experiencing freedom to inquire, to change, to surrender, to forgive, and to move on to live a life that is Christ-centered will leave them truly redeemed for life.

Each week contains five lesson plans. Every lesson plan starts with a welcome and prayer. The body of the lesson is filled with Scripture and encouragement. At the end of each lesson plan is a Reader Challenge to apply the day’s lesson to their circumstances, followed by an Incarcerated Challenge written specifically for a reader that is incarcerated.


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