New Growth Press minibooks

I’ve worked on (and still am working on) too many of these to list out here, but trust me, there’s probably a minibook for any counseling situation you or someone you know is facing. And you’ll likely recognize some of the authors (Paul David Tripp, David Powlison, Ed Welch, etc.) and organizations involved (CCEF, Joni and Friends, etc.). So dig in and find out what works for you. . . .


Various authors. New Growth Press minibooks. Usually 24p., $4.99 or less apiece (5-packs, full displays, and subscriptions also available), New Growth Press.

These minibook titles address a wide range of everyday issues like marriage, parenting, mental health, and much more. Each minibook is small enough for the average reader to finish in less than thirty minutes and filled with the practical Gospel-centered counsel that pastors, counselors, and believers around the world have come to trust. Minibook displays are frequently used by churches, counseling ministries, and ministry organizations to quickly provide counsel that meets people where they are.

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