Is There More? Resurrecting Communion

Just in time for the Easter season . . . and any season where you desire to bring more meaning into the Lord’s Supper . . .

Is-There-More-ƒ-copyDavid Warnick. Is There More? Resurrecting Communion. 160p., $13.99, Deep River Books.

The Bible speaks of the first believers breaking bread with “gladness,” and we often speak of “celebrating communion.” Yet does this reflect our actual experience?

David Warnick . . . observes, “As I saw what the Bible actually says happens in communion, and what we do, I came to the conviction that we all need to look at these same questions and change our approach.”

Is There More? takes the reader on a discovery to remove superficiality from the way we engage in the Lord’s Supper and recover the elements that make it a vital faith encounter. Warnick’s book examines various aspects of communion, how we practice it, and how we could practice it in order to make it a truly meaningful aspect of worship. . . .

Is there more to communion than what we currently observe? Indeed, there is, and this fresh approach to the Lord’s Supper can ignite hearts with passion and transform the act of communion. David Warnick’s biblically sound exposition takes us to a deeper level of understanding and fellowship with our Lord Jesus.

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