Being a Proverbial Student

Ready to go to college? Just one question: Why? Are you there to gather information, or to learn?

Being-a-Proverbial-Student-approved-194x300Jeral Williams. Being a Proverbial Student: Getting a Degree vs. Getting an Education. 128p., $13.99, Deep River Books

Parents and other support groups are understandably concerned about preparing Christian students for the temptations of university life. Many books are written, and extensive advice is given, to prepare for campus living. However, the academic preparation for Christian students is often ignored or, at best, underrepresented. The book of Proverbs makes it clear: God intends for students to pursue wisdom

Drawing from over 35 years of experience, author Jeral Williams presents a variety of fun ideas that will guide Christian college students in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

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