From Disciples to Disciplers: reunited and ready for your consideration

And so here we are. Just as 16 months ago, Seasons 4-6 of the From Disciples to Disciplers series officially went out of print, and the rights reverted back to me, so now Seasons 1-3 have done the same. But as mentioned last week, the problem of nondiscipleship hasn’t disappeared. And thus, I’ve been spending some time editing and reworking these for the day where the series would be reunited.

Season 1 coverAnd today is that day.

Season 1: Growing in Jesus — book here, Kindle version here
Season 2: Growing in Character — book here, Kindle version here 
Season 3: Growing in Your Gifts — book here, Kindle version here

Season 2 coverAnd as always, feel free to look here to get the overview of the entire series (or to, you know, just get the series itself :)) Again, no curriculum solves the problem—that’s our job as the Body of Christ—but I believe the issues we all deal with are represented here, and more or less in the order we deal with them as we mature. By all means, pull over and dig into any of the resources recommended at the end of each session, once you’ve identified the plateaus you need to get past, but this series will help both to process where you’re at and to remember some things you shouldn’t’ve forgotten in the first place.

And again, I can’t think of a single small-group resource that covers how to become a discipler (Season 4: Growing Others ), or which walks us through how to develop a God-given vision (Season 6: Growing in Your Mission ). Thus, this still needs to be out there.

Season 3 coverAlso: If you’ve ever used these—or just got inspired to do so—spread the word. Tell your buds; start a group in your own church (I’m starting one of those next week, in fact); go put up a review on Amazon or elsewhere; and help get the ball re-rolling here.

From there… well, I guess that’s as much up to you as anyone.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be breaking down each of the six seasons a bit more. Stay tuned, and take what you can from it.

As always, thanks. This series means a lot to me, and so does your help. — Carl

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