An Improvisation on Mercy

As promised, this post is inspired by Robert Gelinas’ most recent book The Mercy Prayeralthough admittedly much of its structure owes more to Finding the Groove. I’ve needed, in my own life, to see what God provides each day as mercy rather than as something I should have (and get bent at God or others when I don’t). Thus, I started playing through everyday scenarios where God is present—and maybe, just maybe, I’m not as present in those moments as I ought to be….

Work is a mercy.
Sleep is a mercy.
A dream realized is a mercy.
A dream delayed is a mercy.
A dream denied redirected is a mercy.
Love is a mercy.
Sex is a mercy.
Our daily bread is a mercy.
A night out is a mercy.
A night in front of the TV is a mercy.
Something good happening to someone else on Facebook is a mercy.
Something good in the mail is a mercy.
A cool breeze on a hot day is a mercy.
An encouraging word from a friend is a mercy.
Another day of “making it” is a mercy.
Another day of living is a mercy….

Hopefully you’ve thought of a few of your own while reading this—which after all, is more the goal here. By seeing everything in our lives as mercies from God rather than rights or entitlements we “deserve”, at least three things are accomplished:

1) We see that in ourselves, we have earned nothing before God—not just salvation, but anything—and that all our efforts and good things only go as far as God Himself allows them to. Thus, as we realize that it’s God only who allows these things to happen, that He intends them for our good and His glory—and if we truly believe and trust that God’s mercies and only His mercies are for our good…
2) There’s no need to veer off into sin and/or abuse of any of those mercies, in some misguided attempt to obtain them; and likewise,
3) We’re grateful the mercies we have received from God, rather than perpetually disappointed by what He hasn’t provided.

So go ahead. Find God’s mercy in every part of your life. Wait for it. Expect it. And thank Him for it.

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