What Are Your Re-Reads (revisited)?

Since I’m in waiting mode right now — both in terms of “hopefully impending good news” and in terms of “books I need to review” — thought I’d revisit a fun topic I’d first done a couple years ago…. Some of the names have changed, but the point remains the same…

The following is a list of books that God has spoken to me through big-time, so much so that I keep coming back to them for more, and discover something new every time as I do. Some are classics, some are fairly recent (and thus I’ll try to connect you with the reviews that help explain them, when relevant). But I re-read one of these every month, on top of whatever else I’m reading. It’s my way of helping God help keep me in line. :)

Also, I’ve set this list up so that the books cycle through in a way that reflect the scope and sequence of Growing Out—a spiritual-formation book, a character-formation book, a gifts/calling book, a mentoring book, a leadership book, a personal-mission book, and then back again. I also put space between books by the same author. All of it’s my way of maintaining balance (and/or channeling my apparent OCD in a productive manner :D).

Anyway, enjoy this list. Use it to fill in your own gaps. And help fill in some of mine, too, by posting here about your re-reads. Tell me what books God has spoken to you through, over and over. A’ight?

So, starting with the book I’m re-reading right now (and my most hardcore re-read; I’ve probably been through it a dozen times now):

Changed Into His Likeness—Watchman Nee
Whole Life Transformation—Keith Meyer
What Jesus Demands From the World—John Piper
Getting Rid of the Gorilla — Brian Jones
Prayers for a Privileged People—Walter Brueggeman
Celebration of Discipline—Richard Foster
The Great Omission: Reclaiming Jesus’ Essential Teachings on Discipleship—Dallas Willard
With Christ in the School of Prayer—Andrew Murray
Reflections on the Psalms—C.S. Lewis
Christianity for Modern Pagans: Pascal’s Pensees, Edited, Outlined & Explained—Peter Kreeft
Desiring God—John Piper
Pastoring With Passion — David Holt
The Irresistible Revolution—Shane Claiborne
Praying Successfully—Charles Spurgeon
The Gift of Being Yourself—David Benner
The Divine Conspiracy—Dallas Willard
Unashamed to Bear His Name — R.T. Kendall
Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change—Paul David Tripp
Outgrowing the Ingrown Church—C. John (“Jack”) Miller
Too Small to Ignore—Wess Stafford
A Praying Life — Paul Miller
Of the Imitation of Christ—Thomas a’Kempis
Freedom of Simplicity—Richard Foster
Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander—Thomas Merton
The Crucifixion of Ministry—Andrew Purves
Hearing God—Dallas Willard
Power Through Prayer—E.M. Bounds
The Knowledge of the Holy—A.W. Tozer
The Cost of Discipleship—Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Future Grace — John Piper
Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership Journey — Randy Reese and Robert Loane
Spiritual Leadership—J. Oswald Sanders
The Little Flowers of Saint Francis
In the Heart of the World — Mother Teresa
Prayer: Finding The Heart’s True Home—Richard Foster
The Sermon on the Mount — R.T. Kendall
The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit — R.A. Torrey
The Pursuit of God—A.W. Tozer
Simple Spirituality—Christopher Heuertz
The Spiritual Man—Watchman Nee (This one’s a monster. I give myself 3 months for this one.)
Sacred Companions: The Gift of Spiritual Friendship & Direction—David Benner
Restoring the Soul of Leadership—Ruth Haley Barton
The Dark Night of the Soul—St. John of the Cross
Renovation of the Heart—Dallas Willard

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