Living as Though God Mattered

I had to adjust my sights a bit, but after doing so was able to enjoy this book. Because really, there aren’t any secrets here, or even that much in the way of new insight. What this is, really, is “Stuff We Already Know But Far Too Often Choose Not to Live Out.”

Kyle Searcy. Secrets of Biblical Wisdom: Unleashing the Power of Heavenly Insight in Your Life. 192p., $13.99, Chosen Books.

There are some things here worth chewing on, though. Consider the following:

• Wisdom is not the same as revelation. It’s not wisdom until it’s actually applied.

• Likewise, God’s revelation doesn’t mean that something will happen right away. It’s wisdom that actually provides the timeline for its fulfillment.

• Wisdom is seldom original. It is learned from others, so seek the advice of others regularly.

Really though, what this comes down to—and Kyle Searcy says it himself—is loving God with all your heart, and loving your neighbor as yourself; as well as coming to God with a pure heart, so that we might be trustworthy of the wisdom and insight He grants us. And that’s certainly not a bad message.

The chapter on purity is probably my favorite of the book, particularly the second half, which breaks down the different virtues of wisdom (gentleness, mercy, yieldedness to God, etc.). In fact, it really should’ve been its own chapter, as it’s not all that well-connected to the purity angle that starts the chapter.

Each chapter ends with questions for meditation and practical tips to apply what’s just been learned, which is, well, wise. I also appreciate the fact that Searcy’s chapters are regularly interspersed with prayer, as if to say, “I’ve said my part; now it’s time for you seek it from God.”

For someone who’s been in ministry awhile, again a lot of this will seem very familiar. But for the person just getting started in his or her Christian walk—especially if he or she’s coming out of a particularly unwise lifestyle—this book could be just the thing to give them some needed groundwork.

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