The Meaning of Success

For those of you who’ve been following along: Congratulations! We’re spent an entire season of Wednesdays exploring what it means—and what it takes—to pursue a God-given vision. And I hope that, in the process, you’ve gained a deeper understanding of how God’s working in your life to accomplish that vision.

But this isn’t the end of our journey. It’s really only the beginning. So let’s begin to dream even beyond where God’s already taken us. And so we can truly be ready for that dream to become real, let’s get grounded, too. Let’s start this dream session by considering the kind of people God dreams about us becoming, even now on earth. Reflect on this:

• Who’s the finest person you know? What makes him or her so special?
• Think about that second question again. Why do his or her qualities resonate so deeply with you? What does God say to you through that person’s life?

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months exploring how to “do” the vision God’s placed before each of us. But it started with us being people God was willing to take a chance on, by being available for God to work through us. Anything good God accomplishes through us starts and ends with God, and therefore any glory that comes from it is His, too.

Dallas Willard, in Renovation of the Heart, puts it this way: “To ‘grow in grace’ means to utilize more and more grace to live by, until everything we do is assisted by grace…. The greatest saints are not those who need less grace, but those who consume the most grace, who indeed are most in need of grace—those who are saturated by grace in every dimension of their being. Grace to them is like breath.”

So let’s spend one last round being in God’s Word and discovering more about Him, so we can hand all the glory over to God—where it belongs.  Read the following passages slowly. Pause between readings. Take the time to hear what God’s saying through these passages to you. Then , go on to the questions that follow:

• Psalm 92:1-5, 12-15
• 2 Corinthians 3:7-13, 16-18
• Ephesians 1:9-11
• Philippians 2:12-13
• Philippians 3:10-14
• Hebrews 13:6-7, 14-16
• 1 John 2:28–3:3
• Revelation 4:1-11

• Which of these passages speaks the loudest to you right now? Why?
• How easy is it for you to accept the idea that you’re created for God’s pleasure—and that God delights in growing you even further?
• Think again about these passages, and the people in your lives you shared about earlier. How can we experience God’s pleasure more and more?

“Life in concert with God—ultimately that is what we are practicing for,” says pastor Robert Gelinas in Finding the Groove. So let’s begin to envision that, and get practicing.

There’s a scene in the movie Field of Dreams that just kills me, and which speaks to how big, yet how personal, God’s vision for us is. Let’s watch it now (it’s a long one).  Then think about this:

• As you finish this season—and prepare for the next season God has in store for you—who in this scene do you most feel like right now? Why?
• Think about Shoeless Joe’s comment, “No, Ray, it was you.” How has God already touched you through this vision in ways you couldn’t have imagined a few months earlier?
• There’s really only one question left: What do you think might be next?

Right now, just open your mouth and glorify God for everything He’s done, and for everything He has yet to do but will. And here’s my benediction to you, as you do so:

May you fully realize who God has created you to be, and become those people.
May you reveal God’s Spirit to everyone who sees your life.
May the love of Jesus spread from you to everyone you know—and beyond.
May God use you to transform and renew your world, as he has transformed and renewed you.
May your joy in Jesus be so great that nothing can contain it, and so it flows over everyone God puts in your path.
And to God be all the glory. Amen.

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  1. samuel kariuki says:

    may God expand your teritories

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