An Offer You Could Refuse… But Why WOULD You?

This week’s Other Voice… is you.

Well, that’s actually up to you, but that’s the offer I’m putting on the table.

Here’s my dilemma: For the past year, my 6-study series Growing Out has been wandering the earth without a marketing team behind it (and given that it’s only been out 15-19 months, depending on the book, that ain’t good). So I’m taking one more shot at helping it to be heard.

My solution: Again, that’d be you. Here’s how it works:

1) Read over the series description, here.
2) Write me at Tell me which one study y’r most interested in, and give me an address to send it to, and I’ll send it (a $14.99 value!).
3) Write a review of 200 words or better, then post it to yr blog and at least one other commercial site (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, etc.).
4) Then, let me know you did, and I’ll push your review out to FB, Twitter, etc. Cross-promotion helps all of us. 🙂
5) If you want to review more books in the series, I’ll be happy to send more later on, but funds are at a premium right now. So get the first review done first, then we’ll talk.

The reality is, the most likely way any word will travel from this point forward is word-of-mouth. Therefore, I’m asking you to open your virtual mouths.  If this blog, this series, or the passion for discipleship itself, has moved you at all, help me out.

I know God can do anything, and that the creation of this series was not for nothing. Too many things happened along the way that only could’ve been God’s hand at work. But I also know that God moves the hearts of people to see His work accomplished. So I’m putting this request out there. This is too important. I wouldn’t’ve written 1,100 pages if I didn’t feel it was that important.

And to be honest, I have yet to see another small-group study on the market that addresses this question: How do you take what God’s already revealed to you, turn around, and help someone else walk through those same issues, rather than stamping them with a “saved” sticker and leaving them to drown?

Put simply, this is where the American church has failed miserably. People get plateaued or stuck, and leave, because a critical point has been overlooked: Do you see those people coming in the door and/or just coming to Christ? THEY NEED YOU. And guess what? You need them, too—more than you know.

So in my own small way, I’d like to help address this gaping problem in the church. And in your own small way, I’d like you to help. So drop me a line and tell me which study you’d like to check out. Thanks in advance.

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