Pieces of Pick Up Your New Life

(Not to fear: This is the standard Friday Lay It Down feature. However, in this case it’s rudimentary thoughts for the final week/chapter…. because we’re not just called to lay things down, after all….)

Just as we’re here because we’ve recognized Christ as our eternal Savior, we need to recognize Him as our Savior, and our life, from moment to moment. Paul David Tripp, in his book Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, says: “Remember, it is impossible to celebrate God’s work of transformation without confessing your need for more. No one is more ready to communicate God’s grace that someone who has faced his own desperate need for it.”

Let’s face it, some of these things can sound pretty abstract. But we need for these things to become as real to us as our salvation has become real to us… just as God Himself has become real to us. It’s OK if you nod your head in agreement right now—as long as you promise to pursue it with God later on. OK?


People sometimes think walking in the Spirit invites abuse. The fact is, it’s the counterfeits of walking in the Spirit that invite the abuse, not the real thing. If we are truly in Christ, it will be impossible to go out into left field. Christ takes care of us.


Our natural experience is life and death, and it extends to everything else in this life. The resurrection life is life and life only.

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