Lay Down Your Agenda — some opening fragments

We want to do the right thing, but very often we don’t know what the right thing is. Oddly enough, this is often when prayer is most effective. There are times where God gives us the confidence to pray for something, knowing it’s in His will, but usually our most effective prayers come when we’re empty. When we have no agenda except, “Not my will, but Thine.”

This doesn’t mean we have to sit around passively and be willing, waiting for God to move us. We can move around and be willing. We can do the things we had planned, but holding onto them loosely, with the attitude that should the Spirit leads elsewhere, that’s where we should go.


Whatever it is I do for Jesus, He is already there. I’m the one who’s showing up—and who’s arguably late for the party—not Him.


We want a stake in the ground, a fixed point, because it’s easier than following wherever the Spirit leads. To follow is to lay down your control.

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