Shawn Vander Lugt Is AWESOME!

No, this blog hasn’t been hijacked. Just thought I’d make today’s Other Voice a little more personal. And besides, he makes the same claim on his blog this week:

What’s more, he lives out his claim. By day, he’s mild-mannered, laid-back Shawn. His former employee photo, however, betrays him, as he boldly pulls his shirt open to reveal the emblazoned “S” underneath.

(I was hoping said photo had somehow leaked out there on the web, but it was not to be. FWIW, my own earlier employee photo was a takeoff on that, only  intended to instead reveal a “God Went Bowling” t-shirt. The results, suffice to say, were nowhere as pretty.)

Anyway, I worked with Shawn for more than three years, and had things gone differently we’d be likely working together making adult/small-group resources a safer product to buy. But this, also, was not to be. But he is an experienced writer and editor who specializes in youth and has also handled children and adult resources with aplomb (see his About page for more details).

And the aforementioned blog never fails to be interesting. Mixing personal vignettes with beartrap reformed theology is always a tricky proposition to begin with, but it’s one Shawn handles admirably.

So go check him out. And throw him work if you’ve got some, to help keep him in Loveland, Colorado. After all, the mountaintops are finally melting down and  there’s plenty of hiking left to do here this summer. 🙂

Tomorrow: Back to Laying It Down….

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