What Are YOUR Re-Reads?

Consider this one light and personal. Or a mandate to get into some heavy reading. Or an excuse to mutter, “He clearly has too much time on his hands.” Your call.

Anyway, since it’s Thursday (i.e., Other Voices Day) I’m going to have a little fun here—at least what I consider fun. But since you’re here, it’s reasonably safe to assume that you’re a fairly voracious reader as well.

Thus, I thought I’d share the following…. These are books that God has spoken to me through big-time, so much so that I keep coming back to them for more, and discover something new every time as I do. They’re that good. I occasionally add new ones and drop ones I’ve “read out,” but as of June 23, 2011 these are the ones that’ve stuck. Some are classics, some are fairly recent—a few, in fact, have already been reviewed in these first fledgling months of this blog. But I read one of these every month, on top of whatever else I’m reading. It’s my way of helping God help keep me in line. 🙂

The list below also follows a sequence; there is a method to my madness. Specifically, these books cycle through in a way that reflect the scope and sequence of Growing Out—a spiritual-formation book, a character-formation book, a gifts/calling book, a mentoring book, a leadership book, a personal-mission book, and then back again. I also put space between books by the same author. All of it’s my way of maintaining balance.

Yes, I am way too organized. But some people think that’s my charm.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this list. Use it to fill in your own gaps. And help fill in some of mine, too. Post here about your re-reads. Tell me what books God has spoken to you through, over and over. Look forward to talking more….

So, starting with the book I’m re-reading right now….

Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander—Thomas Merton
Desiring God—John Piper
Power Through Prayer—E.M. Bounds
Organic Church—Neil Cole
The Knowledge of the Holy—A.W. Tozer
The Cost of Discipleship—Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The Divine Conspiracy—Dallas Willard
Spiritual Mentoring—Keith R. Anderson & Randy D. Reese
The Crucifixion of Ministry—Andrew Purves
Finding the Groove: Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith—Robert Gelinas
Prayer: Finding The Heart’s True Home—Richard Foster
Second-Guessing God—Brian Jones
Future Grace—John Piper
Life Together—Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Spiritual Leadership—J. Oswald Sanders
Dark Night of the Soul—St. John of the Cross
The Pursuit of God—A.W. Tozer
Simple Spirituality—Christopher Heuertz
Sacred Companions: The Gift of Spiritual Friendship & Direction—David Benner
Restoring the Soul of Leadership—Ruth Haley Barton
Life After Church: God’s Call to Disillusioned Christians—Brian Sanders
Renovation of the Heart—Dallas Willard
Changed Into His Likeness—Watchman Nee (I’ve probably read this one a dozen times now; blows me away every time.)
Whole Life Transformation—Keith Meyer
What Jesus Demands From the World—John Piper
The Irresistible Revolution—Shane Claiborne
Prayers for a Privileged People—Walter Brueggeman
Celebration of Discipline—Richard Foster
Praying Successfully—Charles Spurgeon
The Great Omission: Reclaiming Jesus’ Essential Teachings on Discipleship—Dallas Willard
With Christ in the School of Prayer—Andrew Murray
Reflections on the Psalms—C.S. Lewis
Christianity for Modern Pagans: Pascal’s Pensees, Edited, Outlined & Explained—Peter Kreeft
Freedom of Simplicity—Richard Foster
The Gift of Being Yourself—David Benner
The Spiritual Man—Watchman Nee (This one’s a monster. I give myself 2 months each for this one and The Divine Conspiracy.)
Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change—Paul David Tripp
Outgrowing the Ingrown Church—C. John (“Jack”) Miller
Too Small to Ignore—Wess Stafford
Hearing God—Dallas Willard
Of the Imitation of Christ—Thomas a’Kempis

So again, what books does God use to keep speaking to you through? Bring ’em on in….

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