The Gift of One Day

Learning to appreciate life in the midst of grief and pain . . . and the story of one life in a day . . .

Chris and Kerry Shook. The Gift of One Day: How to Find Hope When Life Gets Hard. 240p., $22.99 (hadcover), $11.99 (eBook), WaterBrook Multnomah.

Kerry and Chris Shook’s grandson, Jude, lived for only one day after he was born. That one day changed the way they now live every day. Now they share their lessons of faith and hope.

As they recount the compelling true story of Jude’s short but inspiring life, Kerry and Chris reveal the transformative insights they learned when tragedy struck their family. Told with humility and transparency, their story illustrates the goodness of God even in overwhelming circumstances as they share answers to the question: How do we live each day with attentive hope when life is often so crushingly hard?

Exploring the power of gratitude, the privilege of prayer, and the blessing of suffering, The Gift of One Day is a compelling and accessible Christian message of hope and encouragement for those wrestling with life’s difficult days and seasons.

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A Small Book for the Hurting Heart

The title says it all. . . .

A Small Book for the Hurting Heart: Mediations on Loss, Grief, and Healing by Paul TautgesPaul Tautges. A Small Book for the Hurting Heart: Meditations on Loss, Grief, and Healing. 192p., $17.99, New Growth Press.

Grief may threaten to overtake us or destroy our joy. In this powerful devotional book, men and women will see Jesus, the Man of Sorrows, who is well-acquainted with grief and sadness.

Author and pastor Paul Tautges offers our comforting High Priest, sharing how the Holy Spirit ministers to our hurting heart through the healing balm of God’s Word graciously applied to life’s wounds.

By biblically and transparently addressing the heart and faith struggles in the midst of this grief, A Small Book for the Hurting Heart delves deeply, but gently, into the issues of the heart—presenting encouragement and comfort in the character of God revealed in his Word.

This small but transformative devotional cultivates anchors of hope, redirecting men and women to the trustworthiness of God who is always for us in Christ. Because all of God’s promises are Yes in Christ, Tautges walks with readers through their grief to see the one who nourishes our faith and heals our soul.

In fifty brief readings, your hurting heart will find spiritual help, encouragement, and healing as you experience the comfort of God.


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Two Books on Creation

For those interested in aligning the often conflicting views of science and creation . . .

A Worldview Approach to Science and ScriptureCarol Hill. A Worldview Approach to Science and Scripture: Making Genesis Real. 240p., $29.99, Kregel Academic.

There are a number of well-known areas of disagreement when it comes to discussions of the relationship between Christianity and science–most relating to the early chapters of Genesis. Observing that the traditional Christian positions, such as Young Earth and Evolutionary Creation, fail to properly account for the relevant theology, science, and history, geologist Carol Hill instead proposes a Worldview Approach. This approach seeks to uphold fundamental Christian doctrines while also taking into account the findings of modern science, and recognizing the prescientific worldview of the biblical authors. Hill argues that numerous apparent conflicts between Scripture and science can be resolved by understanding the ancient worldview of the Scriptural authors and how it differs from our modern, scientific worldview. This framework opens the door to resolving longstanding points of contention including:

  • The six days of creation
  • The Garden of Eden
  • The numbers and chronologies of Genesis
  • Noah’s flood
  • Evolution
  • Adam and Eve

For each of these topics, Hill explains the meaning of the relevant biblical passages, the scientific data, and how the Worldview Approach resolves apparent conflicts. Anyone who has wrestled with these topics will find A Worldview Approach to Science and Scripture to be an invaluable resource for truly understanding the biblical texts and scientific findings, as well as discovering new solutions for these controversies.

Friend of Science, Friend of FaithGregg Davidson. Friend of Science, Friend of Faith: Listening to God in His Works and Word. 288p., $19.99, Kregel Academic.

Though some Christians and many skeptics see science and Christianity as locked in a never-ending battle, geologist Gregg Davidson contends that there is tremendous harmony between Scripture and modern science. Many apparent conflicts arise when the Bible is interpreted apart from its literary and historical contexts, but when these are taken into account, most alleged clashes dissolve.

Proceeding from a belief that Scripture is inspired and without error and that God’s creation should inform how we interpret the Bible, Davidson shows that Scripture and science need not disagree on issues like the age of the earth, Adam and Eve, Noah’s flood, the origin and development of life, and numerous related topics. Rather, Christians can rejoice at how God’s glory is revealed in both the Bible and the natural world.

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Following Jesus Christ

A fresh look at discipleship, from a variety of angles . . .

Following Jesus ChristJohn K. Goodrich and Mark L. Strauss, eds. Following Jesus Christ: The New Testament Message of Discipleship for Today. 392p., $24.99, Kregel Academic.

Although the concept of discipleship is an integral part of New Testament teaching, it has largely faded from discussion in both the academy and the local church. To revive and reclaim this teaching for believers in the twenty-first century, editors John Goodrich and Mark Strauss have assembled an expert team of scholars to uncover what every New Testament book teaches about discipleship, providing a comprehensive, biblical picture. In addition, other contributors explore discipleship in the context of the local church, spiritual formation, and the life of the mind. Together, these essays point the way forward for becoming more like Jesus Christ, and helping others do the same, in our personal and corporate lives.


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The Best Is Yet to Come

For you John Ortberg fans in the audience, a selection of sermons from the pastor who built up Menlo (Park Presbyterian) Church before him. . . .

Book Cover Image for The Best Is Yet to ComeWalt Gerber. The Best Is Yet to Come: Sermons Reflecting the Gift of Grace. 400p., $16.99, Deep River Books.

Countless people have said of Walt Gerber that it was from him they “first heard grace preached.” Walt, a popular pastor in the heart of Silicon Valley, loved Jesus, prayer, people, and the Bible, and this shows in every one of these sixty sermons, prayerfully chosen from among the hundreds he gave.

Walt was a Silicon Valley titan of the most unassuming kind. He had no website. No blog. No Twitter. No social media of any kind. He never published a book or developed a technology. But as senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church for twenty-eight years, Walt was a titan of grace. He had a way of speaking, like no one else, directly to listeners’ hearts through his sermons. Caring, relational, and compassionate, Walt was more concerned about “the ultimate heresy of making God boring,” as he put it, than with church growth. But the church did grow under him—from 2,000 members in 1974, to 5,500 members in 2002. People flocked to hear Walt present his God as he knew him . . . full of love, grace, kindness, and fun.

For each sermon, relevant Scriptures and discussion questions are provided, making this book ideal for personal devotions or small-group study.

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Philippians: Two Commentaries

This week, you have your choice of commentaries on Philippians, both sharing the same author but taking separate approaches to the text—also/thus, one continuing an existing series and the other launching a brand-new commentary series.

So read on, and choose the one that works for you (or both):

PhilippiansThomas S. Moore. Philippians: An Exegetical Guide for Preaching and Teaching. Big Greek Idea series. 288p., $25.99, Kregel Academic.

The Big Greek Idea series provides all the relevant information from the Greek text for preaching and teaching the New Testament. Each New Testament book is divided into units of thought, revealing a big Greek idea (the author’s main idea in the passage), and individual clauses are displayed visually to illustrate their relationships, portraying the biblical author’s logical flow. Greek clauses are accompanied by an original English translation.

Additional commentary explains how the syntax and vocabulary of each verse clarifies the biblical writer’s intended meaning. The authors of each volume have scoured major reference works and commentaries on each book, saving readers countless hours of research. The series is ideal for busy pastors consulting the Greek text for sermons, instructors preparing lectures, and students looking for supplementary study aids.

PhilippiansThomas S. Moore and Timothy D. Sprankle. Philippians: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching. Kerux Commentaries series. 256p., $27.99, Kregel Academic.

Kerux Commentaries enable pastors and teachers to understand and effectively present the message of a biblical text. . . . Each volume is written by a biblical scholar and a working pastor or homiletics scholar in partnership. Inclusion of a preaching author means that the commentary is centered on the biblical insights that are useful to a pastor as well as effective communication strategies and illustrations for each passage. Readers will discern the benefits of this throughout, as a resource designed and written with the real needs of regular proclamation always in sight.

Kerux . . . enhances the pastor’s ability to deliver a sermon that is biblical, cohesive, and dynamic by keeping the length of commentary manageable, while also offering effective, creative strategies for delivering the message of the text.

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Every Believer Confident

To help us give an answer for the hope within us. . . .

Book Cover Image for Every Believer Confident by Mark J. FarnhamMark J. Farnham. Every Believer Confident: Apologetics for the Ordinary Christian. 208p., $15.99, Deep River Books.

For ordinary Christians who long to share their faith effectively, but don’t know where to begin, Every Believer Confident is the ultimate guidebook.

Every believer is called to proclaim the gospel and “give an answer” when objections are raised against the Christian faith, but many feel ill-equipped to do so. They want to be like Jesus and effectively engage the lost but lack the confidence and basic skills.

Every Believer Confident: Apologetics for the Ordinary Christian simplifies the basic principles of apologetics and provides effective strategies for use in actual encounters with unbelievers. It provides a structure whereby any Christian can engage anyone they meet, move the conversation to spiritual matters, and present the gospel of Christ in all its glory and rationality.

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A Gradual Redemption

A personal story of grief turned to glory . . .

WILLIAMS_GradualRedemptionKelly Williams. A Gradual Redemption: A Story of Faith, Choice, and the Sovereignty of God. 240p., $19.99, Deep River Books.

In the author’s own words:

“Enmeshed in circumstances far beyond my capacity to handle and acutely aware that life as I had always known it was spiraling out of control, I found myself in the middle of the fiercest battle I would ever face. It was then, many years ago, on a bitter-cold February night, I made a decision that would forever alter my life’s trajectory.

A Gradual Redemption is my story—a true story comprised of deep sorrow and loss, yet overwhelming redemption and victory. It’s a story that explores the impact a father can have on his daughter, the void he leaves behind, and her quest to fill it. It’s a story of choices that lead a desperate young woman to a life-altering encounter, and how—through painstaking effort—faith has the ability to redeem and restore all that is lost and broken.”

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Then Came Hispangelicals

The seismic shift in the American (and universal) church that’s gone largely unnoticed. . . .

ThenCameHispangelicalsCoverRudolph D. Gonzales. Then Came Hispangelicals: The Rise of the Hispanic Evangelical and Why It Matters. 288p., $15.99, Deep River Books.

Hispanics are embracing the gospel in record numbers, swelling to well over 150 million believers today. In light of such unprecedented growth, evangelicals need resources to better understand their new Latino brothers and sisters. Then Came Hispangelicals delivers.

This much-needed primer surveys the history, philosophical antecedents, cultural developments, and religious heritage of the Hispanic world. Far from blind to the potential challenges, Dr. Rudolph Gonzalez proffers a thoughtful and balanced evaluation of Hispanic cultures from a Christ-centered, evangelical perspective.

Without apology, he makes a case for the gospel as the only historical message with the power to resolve the Latino’s perpetual search for a satisfying identity. Hispanic evangelicals will be encouraged and empowered as they wrestle with the magnitude of the challenge they face, committing to living under the rule of the mind of Christ.

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Organic Ministry to Women

Adapting women’s ministry (and its small groups) for the next generations. . . .

Organic Ministry to WomenSue Edwards and Kelley Matthews. Organic Ministry to Women: A Guide to Transformational Ministry with Next Generation Women. 272p., $19.99, Kregel Ministry.

With Millennial and Generation Z women coming of age in our churches and society, new approaches to women’s ministry are required to meet their distinct needs. Drawing on decades of experience ministering to women, authors Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews explain how their Transformation Model can energize women’s ministry for all generations and in multiple settings. Individual chapters are devoted to applying the model, which is centered on Scripture and building relationships, to ministry in the local church, the college campus, and cross-culturally in missions.

Organic Ministry to Women is packed with practical advice and real-life illustrations of how to implement the principles of the Transformation Model. Edwards and Mathews also profile numerous leading women’s ministers like Jen Wilkin, Priscilla Shirer, and Jackie Hill-Perry, drawing wisdom and inspiration from their lives and ministries. Helpful appendixes provide additional resources including sample job descriptions for ministry leaders, a Bible study lesson, and a training guide for small group leaders.

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